Personal trainer Irene talks about the challenges she had to overcome following a snowboarding accident and how Paul helped her find the motivation to get back on her feet. 

A Snowboarding Nightmare

Personal trainer and business owner Irene broke her tailbone while snowboarding. When this was closely followed by a foot fracture, she felt as if she were living her worst nightmare; for someone very active, not being able to walk or even bend forward was crushing.

When she began losing her motivation and drive, she quickly realized she needed some professional help getting back on her feet.

Learning from the best

When she came across Paul’s website, read through the testimonials and saw his client’s weight loss results, she was intrigued and immediately contacted him, letting him know how much she admired his dedication and work, and how much she wanted to learn from him.


A Journey of Rediscovery

As a personal trainer herself, Irene recognized that motivation is the most important thing when it comes to training and weight loss. Without motivation, there is no effort, and with no effort, there can be no results.

Jumpstarting her life

Thanks to Paul’s incredible energy and amazing soul, Irene rediscovered her motivation and love for fitness, and today she is a healthy, fit, and successful personal trainer, capable of taking on the world.


Achieve Your Own Transformation

If you’re ready to begin your own successful transformation, be it for weight loss or increased fitness, Paul and the Dreambody team can get you there! Contact our Calgary fitness centre at 403-612-3538 or fill in our online contact form.

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