Bodybuilding and fitness competition prep is famous for getting contenders in peak condition to succeed on stage.

While any of the best personal trainers in Calgary train their competitors to win, we think they’d all agree that even when a competitor falls short of that goal, they are a better athlete for having taken the journey.

This post covers four key benefits you’ll gain from preparing for a fitness competition with the help of an experienced Calgary personal trainer.

Competition Prep Strengthens Your Health And Fitness Habits

Training for a competition can be grueling, and it’s more than just a physical challenge. Sticking to a meal plan and practice sessions, even on days when you’re not feeling like it, can be difficult. However, with a competition as your ultimate goal, you’ll be forced to prioritize these habits: no more being satisfied with “close enough”.

Many of our Calgary fitness clients are so motivated that they not only prioritize their fitness regimen but take it to the next level to ensure success, even if it means staying up late to do meal prep or squeezing in a workout at 5:00am.

By the time it’s competition day, these habits will be stronger than ever: you’ll have built a strong foundation of habits that will last a lifetime.

In Calgary Competition Prep, You’ll Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to fall into a stagnant fitness routine, even if you practice a relatively healthy lifestyle. A new goal, like a fitness competition, can create the motivation needed to spur you onwards, surmounting obstacles that were previously out of your comfort zone.

For Example:

  • The motivation to win can help a shyer person burst out of their shell by learning to pose and working on their stage presence
  • Someone who avoided certain exercises may be forced to take a well-rounded approach to fitness in order to target their weaker areas, even if it’s a challenge at first
  • Someone who is very proud of their journey so far of themselves may have to learn to accept honest and critical feedback in order to continue to grow as an athlete

Competition Prep Promotes A Disciplined and Competitive Mindset

We know, we know, we said winning wasn’t everything. However, training with the mindset that you’re there to win has its benefits. Aspiring to surpass your peers or to become as accomplished as your role model might give you the boost in motivation that you need.

This competitive and goal-oriented mindset:

  • Gets you closer to both elite level of fitness and to your ultimate dream body
  • Trains you in discipline, focus, determination, and a positive mindset

For many of our Calgary competition prep clients, chasing their goals in the lead-up to a competition helps unlocks their potential in other areas of life too.

Gain A Greater Sense of Confidence and Accomplishment

Anyone can criticize, and anyone can dream. Deciding to turn your “what ifs” into a concrete action during your Calgary competition prep is a significant decision. Even if you don’t or place, the fact that you competed to win and gave it your all can create a sense of achievement.

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Whether you’re a fitness newbie, amateur, or an experienced veteran, it can be highly beneficial to make a fitness competition part of your goals. Besides helping you get healthier and fitter, you’ll develop experience, skills, and a mindset that will help you both in the gym and out for years to come. Call us at 403-612-3538 or get in touch with us through our contact form to learn more.

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