Relationship Goals: Training With Your Significant Other

Workouts are always better with a partner, and what better partner is there than your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, or significant other? Fitness can be more fun when you are exercising with someone you enjoy spending time with. Plus, any shared experience will ultimately strengthen your bond while strengthening your bodies. In addition to the emotional and physical benefits of regular exercise, working out together can also yield great benefits to your relationship. If you are looking for a way to get your significant other into the gym with you, talk to them about the benefits of training together and share this article to take your fitness and your relationship to a whole new level.

4 Benefits Of Working Out With Your Significant Other

1. More Accountability

There is no better person to hold you accountable than your partner, especially when you are in the gym. Those who are held accountable for their workout routines are more likely to be successful in their efforts. When you only have to answer to yourself, it can be much easier to hit snooze on your alarm or skip a workout when you are feeling lazy or unmotivated. When you or your partner feel this way, the other can take charge and encourage the other to get in a good workout. The motivation of two people aligned in a shared goal is powerful. Another accountability benefit of working out with your significant other is you have to make a schedule. The extra planning and set times to fit workouts into both of your schedules will make you more likely to succeed. 

2. Spend Quality Time Together

Life gets busy and it can be difficult to find quality time to spend with your significant other. Instead of mindlessly sitting in bed together scrolling on your phones or watching a TV show you have seen over and over again, take advantage of that time to go to the gym together. When you are exercising with your special someone, it is guaranteed time together, and more quality time helps keep your relationship strong and healthy.

3. Healthy Competition Can Be Fun

Do you feel like the spark in your relationship needs to be reignited? A little healthy competition can bring some playfulness back into your relationship. When life gets busy you can often forget about the flirtatious and playful behaviour that originally bonded you and your partner.  Working out together can bring that back in the form of some fun, friendly competition. You can challenge your partner to races or challenge each other to see who can crush their weight loss goals the fastest to keep your workouts and relationship interesting and fun!

4. Build Trust And Intimacy

By working out together, you are not only spending quality time together and helping each other get stronger, but you are also building trust with each other and intimacy in your relationship. You both have a common goal of improving your fitness or losing weight, and in doing so, the process of working out together will help you learn more about your own body and your partner's body. This will help with trust, intimacy, and attraction within your relationship. 

Start Training Today With Calgary’s Best Personal Trainers

Embarking on your fitness journey with your significant other can make a world of a difference when it comes to accountability, motivation, and having fun while exercising. Help keep the spark alive by carving out some time to work out with your significant other a few days a week or on the weekends. Getting sweaty is not only beneficial for your own health, but it is also beneficial and healthy for your relationship. 

If you and your significant other are ready to start in-gym training but do not know where to start, consider working with a personal trainer. Personal trainers will add that extra accountability for both you and your partner to get your workouts done while also offering expert advice and workout plans to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals.

From customized workout plans to around-the-clock support, our personal trainers and coaches at Dreambody Fitness can help you shed pounds, build muscle, hold you accountable, and improve your fitness in record time. To learn more about our weight loss programs and personal training, contact us by calling 1-403-612-3538 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: How many times per week should I exercise?
A: It is recommended that you exercise a minimum of three times per week to see results. Remember to not overwork yourself and allow your body at least one rest day per week. 

Q: How long does it take to start seeing results in the gym?
A: This answer will vary from person to person depending on their exercise regimes and fitness goals. Most people start to notice results from consistently working out and eating a healthy diet within 3-6 months. 

Q: Will a personal trainer help me with my nutrition?
A: A personal trainer will be able to give you some tips and tricks on how to eat a balanced diet to help you see results. For a more personalized approach, consider working with a nutrition coach.

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