The Dietitians of Canada celebrate Nutrition Month every March to help Canadians stay on track with their health goals through delicious healthy food choices. If you’re trying to lose weight, the main principles of Nutrition Month offer some key takeaways to help you get started on your weight loss journey. Every decision you make puts you closer to or further away from your goals, so starting small with healthy swaps and principles can help you start to see results and build up momentum.

This year’s theme is The Potential of Food and its five key potentials: to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and bring us together. Let’s see how we can use these themes in our own weight loss plans with tips from the Dietitians of Canada.

1. Fuel

Food is fuel, there are no two ways about it. What we put in our mouth gets absorbed to create the energy that powers our whole body--and excess energy gets stored as fat. Not only that but if our food doesn’t have enough vitamins and minerals we could feel like we’re starving, even as we consume more and more. 

Because many busy Canadians skip meals or snack all day to keep themselves topped up, it’s important to make healthy snack choices.

  1. Plan ahead. If you know you like to “graze” make sure to pack enough healthy snacks to keep you from going to the vending machine. Look for variety in texture and food groups to encourage satiety.
  2. Watch portion sizes. It’s easy to make a meal out of snacks without noticing. If you skip meals and eat snacks instead, watch portion sizes so that you aren’t consuming multiple “snacks” that are actually meals. Especially with calorie-dense snacking favourites like nuts, which are healthy when consumed as part of a balanced diet, the numbers add up. Never snack straight from the box or bag.
  3. Listen to your gut. We mean your hunger cues. People often snack when they’re bored or stressed, so make sure you’re actually hungry before grabbing some food.
  4. Don’t eat and drive. In the same vein as tip 4, eating while doing other things leads us to consume more. Focus on your food while you’re eating to avoid overeating.
  5. Choose healthy snacks. All the other tips won’t help if your snacks are chips and candy. Most Canadians don’t eat the recommended servings of fruits and veggies, so try snacking to increase your count.


2. Discover

Because the best way to combat bad eating habits is to never develop them (easier said than done, we know), it’s important to teach children how to shop, cook and prepare their food to set them up for success. If you’re struggling with your weight, involving the whole family could keep you on track personally: and you’ll be setting a good example. Make the effort to cook a new vegetable every week, or explore a grocery aisle you never go down.


3. Prevent

You probably already know that lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and our consumption of “vice” products have a significant impact on our overall health risks. Diabetes and heart disease, two of the leading causes of death in Canada, have direct links to lifestyle. If you’re trying to lose weight, consider this a strong motivator. While there are many fad diets, the most sustainable ones are healthy and balanced.

What To Include In Your Diet

  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes like beans and lentils
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Fish, seafood, and poultry
  • Healthy oils like canola and olive oil

Notice what’s not included: tobacco and alcohol. Working with DreamBody, our experienced team will help you develop a balanced nutrition plan that’s right for you.


4. Heal

Many diets offer testimonials of people who turned their health around simply by changing what they ate. The potential to heal is part of why diet and lifestyle products and services remain so popular. While dietitians can be part of a healthcare team with greater application, we’re focused on health and fitness, not medical conditions. If you’re ready to make changes to your life and want to lose weight, consider working with a personal trainer like DreamBody to jumpstart your journey and keep you accountable. It is possible to reverse a lifetime of bad food decisions and make up for a lack of exercise: start today.


5. Bring Us Together

There’s no question food brings us together. Every holiday or celebration is typically centered around it! Did you know that adults who eat alone eat fewer fruits and vegetables, drink more soda, eat out more and have higher BMI? Find a friend! If you’re looking for a community, DreamBody is a great place to start.


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