Gym Workouts Or Home Workouts: Which Is Right For You?

Many people love the atmosphere of going to a gym and sweating it out there, whereas some people dread going to the gym and prefer working out in the comfort of their own homes. Many people believe that working out at a gym is more efficient than working out at home. However, this is not always true. It is all about how you use your time and equipment to maximize your effort to get a good sweat on. There are some benefits to both working out at home and in the gym, this article will break down the pros of both so you can decide on which is best for you.

Benefits Of Training In The Gym

More Variety

From cardio machines to weight racks and almost every type of exercise equipment in between, the gym offers it all. If it's the strength you're after or looking to pack on muscle, weight racks and other heavy equipment will be at your disposal. Longing to go for a bike ride or a run but it is freezing cold outside? A gym offers a variety of cardio equipment so you do not have to bundle up to exercise outside.

You Can Challenge Yourself

As mentioned before, the gym offers a variety of equipment. This variety of equipment will allow you to challenge yourself, giving you the opportunity to try out new machines and movements you would not be able to do in your home. The endless options for equipment will allow for variety in your workouts so you can look forward to trying new exercises without getting bored of the same old routine.

The Gym Offers Routine

When you are at home, it can be much easier to skip a workout and instead slump into your couch and binge-watch your favourite TV show. Many of us need a consistent routine to stick to our sessions and commit to our fitness goals. Motivating yourself at home can be more challenging, but going to the gym will put you in a training atmosphere to help motivate you to work your hardest. Implementing gym workouts into your schedule will help ensure you complete your workouts instead of giving in to distractions at home. Gym workouts also give you in-person access to fitness coaches and personal trainers who can hold you accountable and push you to work your hardest while ensuring you are completing exercises correctly.

Benefits Of Exercising At Home

One of the biggest reasons people do not go to the gym is because they do not have enough time. Driving to and from the gym takes time and it can be much easier to get in a quick workout at home. From HIIT workouts to online pilates classes, exercising at home has never been easier. Many exercise routines can be easily accessed on the internet especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Only have 20 minutes to spare? Squeeze in a quick yoga class or HIIT workout that will get your heart pumping at home.

Self Conscious? Workouts At Home Could Be For You

It can be intimidating going to a gym and feeling like all eyes are on you when you're exercising, especially if you are just starting to workout. Some people simply prefer privacy and may want to start their fitness journey at home until they build the confidence to venture into a gym or exercise class. Working out at home allows you to go at your own pace and exercise freely without the fear of judgement so you can enjoy your sessions.

A Training Partner At Home

Online personal training is also available if you prefer to exercise at home. You do not always have to go to the gym to receive the benefits of a personal trainer. Online personal trainers offer around-the-clock support, hold you accountable even if only virtually, and can offer tips and tricks to make the most out of your at-home workouts to help you see your desired results and reach your goals.

Calgary’s Choice For Online and In-Gym Personal Training

Working out at home and working out in the gym both have their upsides. It is up to you to decide what you are more comfortable with as well as what your goals are. If you are looking to build muscle, you might benefit more from gym workouts due to the availability of a variety of weights and machines. If you are just starting your fitness journey or are focussing on HIIT workouts and cardio, you may prefer at-home workouts. It is up to your personal preference, but either way, personal training, and fitness coaching options are available to you.

To learn more about the benefits of in-gym training and home workouts and find out what would work best for you, contact Dreambody Fitness today. From customized workout plans to around-the-clock support, our personal trainers and coaches at Dreambody Fitness can help you shed pounds, build muscle, hold you accountable, and improve your fitness in record time. To learn more about our weight loss programs and personal training, contact us by calling 1-403-612-3538 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: How often should I exercise If I am just starting my fitness journey?
A: If you are new to the fitness world, it is recommended that you ease yourself into a routine to prevent yourself from burning out and losing motivation. Start by only working out 1-2 times per week and then gradually increase the number of workouts you do overtime.

Q: If I am trying to lose weight, how many calories do I need to burn per day?
A: This answer will vary from person to person but the most important thing everyone trying to lose weight should do is eat in a calorie deficit. This means you must consume fewer calories per day than you burn.

Q: Is an online personal trainer more expensive than an in-gym personal trainer?
A: Online training sessions are generally less expensive than in-gym personal training sessions. To learn more about the costs and benefits of online versus in-gym personal training, contact Dreambody Fitness by calling us.

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