“Age doesn’t make you old… state of mind and inactivity does. Once you start thinking you’re old, you act old and then you become old. To me, age is just a number.”

Sam Bryant Jr., is a 70-year-old bodybuilding champion who looks decades younger than his birth certificate claims.

Bryant wasn’t always the powerhouse he is today, in fact he didn’t even start working out until he was 44. 

I heard his story, I was inspired.

Twenty-seven years ago, Bryant found himself dealing with a failing marriage. He was looking for an outlet to relieve his stress and contain his frustrations. He decided to buy a gym membership. Bryant made the gym his sanctuary and working out his therapy. 

A year later, Bryant had transformed his body and mindset. He decided to enter the Southern Natural Bodybuilding Championship Contest, and came in 3rd place in the novice division and 4th place in the Over 35 category. More than 20 years later, Bryant has gone on to win countless championships and continues to compete at that level today.

Bryant’s philosophy not only echoes my personal beliefs, but it inspires the Boomer population to forget about age and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I think that we can all learn from Sam Bryant Jr. and realize that age is not an excuse to be sedentary and how regular exercise keeps you young, healthy and stress-free. Marital problems have taken down great people. What Bryant has taught us is that instead of hitting the bottle or surrendering control, we should choose a positive outlet that helps us fight adversity through self-improvement.

I'm waiting for you to reach out. Let's get stronger, younger and cherish every moment of our lives with youthful vigour. Just like Sam Bryant.  

Your turn.

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