Have you been wanting to get into bodybuilding but don't know where to start? Our world-class bodybuilding personal trainer and champion Paul Anthony has what you need to know to get started off on the right foot. 

You've decided to pick up the iron and get into bodybuilding. Congratulations, you've already made the first and most important decision of the whole process. Lifting weights and building your body will change not only your physique, but your life too. And there's truly never been a better time to get into bodybuilding with all the resources that are available nowadays. But you have to be careful that you don't overthink or overdo anything right off the bat. You can't just enter into bodybuilding at the middle or top levels. You need to start from the ground up. Here's how you do so.

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Easy and Simple Tips to Help You Begin Bodybuilding

The first step is always the hardest. This cliche holds true for bodybuilding. Once you take that first step though, things begin to get much easier. Your body will begin to respond to your hard work and discipline and the snowball effect will take hold. But building up that snowball to the point where it can run downhill unchecked and unabated takes some time. Patience is a virtue, both in life and bodybuilding. 

Here are some easy and simple tips to help start you on your journey towards a better body.

Don't go too hard too fast

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get into bodybuilding is heading to the gym and trying to lift very heavy weights immediately. This can backfire in the form of torn muscles, which will set your bodybuilding aspirations back at least a few months as you require time to heal. Start off with moderately heavy weights and build up to the big ones. You'll be using them sooner than you think. 

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Keep it basic

You may be tempted to try out the most advanced exercises and equipment your gym has to offer when starting your bodybuilding journey. Don't. Stick to the basics. They're tried and true and are what the "Austrian Oak", aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, recommends aspiring bodybuilders start off with. Here are the exercises you should begin with if you want to start building your body:

  • Biceps = curls
  • Chest = bench press, flyes
  • Back = pulldowns, deadlifts
  • Legs = squats, leg press

You should aim for three sets of eight to 12 reps for each exercise and should wrap up your workout with about 20 minutes of cardio. Don't forget to stretch and warm up properly before doing any of the above exercises either. It's a good way to pull something and put your bodybuilding efforts on hold until you heal.

Pick a routine and stick to it

You should be heading to the gym and working out at least three times a week when you begin bodybuilding. As time goes on, you can increase this to four times a week but no more than that. Your body needs time to rest and grow when bodybuilding, and going to the gym more than four times a week will hinder that from happening. At first you might feel bad that you're not going to the gym more frequently. Just remind yourself that your body is growing on your days off and healing itself so you can make the most out of your next session.

Diet, diet, diet

The late bodybuilding legend and personal trainer Ric Drasin says diet accounts for about 80 per cent of your results. If you're heading to the gym and working out religiously but still putting junk in your body, you won't see the results you want nearly as soon as you could be. This could discourage you and derail your bodybuilding efforts. Start with the foods you need to cut out, namely sugars, fried foods, and white flours. Try to reduce your carbs too. Taking those initial steps will lead to a drastic change in your physique. 

Then move on to the foods you need to increase, with protein being chief among them for bodybuilding. You should be eating one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight you have and getting your carbs from vegetables, potatoes, and rice. Your fat should be coming from juicy steaks. At least that's what Arnie says and look how things turned out for him. 

By following the above easy and simple tips, you'll undoubtedly be on good footing when it comes to your bodybuilding journey. Just remember not to overdo or overthink things, stick to the basics and your routine, and always keep an eye on what you're putting into your body. The results will soon speak for themself.

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