Last month, we talked about MetCon (metabolic conditioning) as a great tool which Calgary personal trainer Paul Anthony uses to help his clients achieve peak personal fitness.

Many other personal trainers will tell you that there are only two kinds of exercises that affect your fitness: cardio and weight training. Paul disagrees, and is adamant that MetCon is very important as well.

Since we have already covered MetCon, today’s article looks at the differences between cardio training and strength training. It shows how both types of exercises affect your fitness and help you achieve different goals.

To lose fat, or to gain muscle? That is the question. Research shows that cardio helps you lose fat, but since cardio doesn’t always improve the capacity of your muscles, some weight loss that you experience might actually be attributed to muscle loss. Strength training can, in a way, double as cardio when you have a workout regimen with many reps and short intervals. But these conditions are not always the best for building muscle.

Thus, it comes down to your goals. To increase your fat burning potential, a strong cardio regimen is key. However, it's important to make the most of your cardio exercises. People who talk on their cells while on the elliptical, or text from the stationary bike are not getting the most out of their exercise. You can maximize your cardio routine with interval training and by pushing yourself to go a little farther each time you use a cardio machine. If muscle capacity is your goal, a strong weight training regimen in which you continually build strength is very important.

For most, a comprehensive approach to fitness is the healthiest choice. However, it can be difficult to understand your needs without the help of a trained fitness instructor. Working with a personal trainer in Calgary is the best way to monitor your progress and develop a plan to keep improving, week after week. Contact Paul Anthony for one-on-one personal training or online personal training today. He can tailor the perfect cardio, strength and MetCon program to exceed your fitness goals.


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