Too snowy to brave the trip to the gym? Is it too cold for your morning runs? Experts recommend getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day.  However, winter can bring a host of workout woes that make getting your workouts in a bit of an extra challenge. However, with these awesome tips from the top personal trainer in Calgary, you’ll have the confidence you need to tackle your workout no matter what the weather.

Tip #1 Jump Into Winter Sports

While fighting the weather may be a fair approach for some, it can be far more beneficial to work along with it. There are tons of seasonal activities that, besides getting you into shape, can be incredibly fun. Some winter activities can include:

  • Skating or hockey
  • Cross-country or downhill skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice climbing
  • Even shoveling snow

For those with younger children, activities like building a snowman, sledding, or having a snowball fight can also get you moving on cold days.

Tip #2: Invest In The Right Gear

With the right gear, it’s hardly ever too cold to exercise. The key is taking the time to research and choose the right gear for your sport, as well as to prepare and consider your workouts in advance. While it may be easy to throw on a t-shirt and go for a run in the summer, in the winter, you might wind up stepping out into a snowstorm or feeling wildly overheated during a Calgary chinook. This can lead to discouragement, discomfort, and even giving up on the workout. Avoid this by staying prepared.

Our Tips:

  • When working out outdoors, layer up enough that you avoid feeling overheated
  • Avoid fabrics like cotton that keeps sweat close to your skin
  • Always check the weather conditions
  • Wear reflective gear if you’re going to be running in the evening in less well-lit areas
  • Ask your Calgary personal trainer about the best way to choose winter gear to suit your needs and budget

Tip #3: Enlist A Calgary Personal Trainer

When the days are cold and dark, it’s tempting to bundle up indoors, eat hearty meals, and forgo the gym in favour of staying cozy. But, as the saying goes, “Summer bodies are made in winter.” A Calgary personal trainer is the right person to make sure that you keep on track with your health and fitness goals.

A Personal Trainer Can Keep You Accountable By:

  • Providing you with strategies to help you stay motivated
  • Assisting you in tracking your progress
  • Having regular meetings to discuss your goals and ongoing fitness journey
  • Helping You Adapt Your Workout

For some people, winter can definitely make their usual workouts a challenge. A personal trainer has a broad range of knowledge that can be used to find analogous workouts that are better for the wintery season.

A Personal Trainer Can Help You Boost Your Progress During Winter By:

  • Providing Winter-Proof Training Plans
  • Providing winter-friendly indoor training plans and online personal training options
  • Scheduling regular in-gym workouts to ensure your training routine stays consistent

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