There is a common misconception that bodybuilding is only meant to build muscle resulting in a bulky appearance and cardio is the only way to lose weight and achieve a slim, toned figure. But bodybuilding also works to help maintain a lower percentage of body fat while increasing lean muscle mass resulting in higher metabolic output (more calories burned while resting). Bodybuilding incorporates weight training as well as cardio elements to ensure a well-rounded, successful workout program. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, resulting in long-term, sustainable results that improve your overall health and weight loss goals.

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Bodybuilding Has A Healthy Impact On Both Your Physical And Mental Well-Being

Many people looking to burn fat while gaining lean muscle mass are attracted to the bodybuilding training program. Their primary focus when training is to build muscle mass, not strength. The typical bodybuilding regime includes increasing your overall protein and calorie intake while incorporating regular weight training into your workouts. The program encourages gradual increased weight, repetition, and intensity and is perfect to help you reach your goals of weight loss, increased muscle mass, or to prepare you for competition. It is one of the safest and most effective ways to improve your overall body composition and sports performance and leaves you feeling more confident and stronger than ever before.
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4 Benefits Of BodyBuilding For Weight Loss

Increased Calorie Burn

Studies have shown that effective weight training can boost your metabolism post-workout for up to an average of 38 hours. This means that when you are doing daily tasks or sitting around, you will be burning more calories than you would have prior to your workout. This can only be attained through consistent weight training, not cardio. After straining your muscles, your body will need extra time to recover, resulting in a peaked metabolic rate, increasing the number of calories burned in a day.

Body Reshaping

Bodybuilding allows you to build muscle and reshape your body, unlike cardio where the primary focus is shedding fat. Bodybuilding allows you to build muscle or slim down certain areas of your body through resistance training and a calorie-restricted diet. You will be able to strengthen your entire body with a focus on being proportional and toned. It is important to note that you cannot choose a specific area of your body to lose fat, however, you can tone and build more muscle on particular areas of your body.

Promotes Longevity

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and not a quick fix for losing weight because it involves the time you spend both in and out of the gym. Aerobic and resistance exercises, which bodybuilders often incorporate into their workouts, reduce body fat and improve heart health. Bodybuilders should follow a strict healthy eating program that includes nutrient-dense foods and lowers the risk of chronic disease.
Sticking to a healthy diet and consistent workout regimes will ensure you stay fit and healthy for the long haul.

Improved Mental Health

Bodybuilding can not only improve your physical appearance, but it can also improve your mental health. Studies have shown that ten weeks or more of consistent training can reduce clinical depression symptoms more effectively than counseling. Bodybuilding is a great way to let off some steam or get out of your headspace to focus on training while also improving your overall health. Bodybuilding teaches discipline and focuses and promotes the release of endorphins in the brain which are responsible for feelings of positivity and happiness.


Bodybuilding is a safe and highly effective weight loss strategy to burn fat and also increase muscle mass. Bodybuilding is not only for competition, showing off toned bodies and spray tans, there are so many benefits to bodybuilding for your overall health. A true bodybuilding lifestyle will lower your body fat percentage and increase muscle size through a controlled diet and heavy resistance training.
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Is it possible to overtrain when bodybuilding?

Yes. Overtraining happens when an individual tries to train beyond their ability to recover resulting in irreparable damages to muscles and nerves. Resting is critical in the bodybuilding process to allow your body to relax and repair itself to ensure you are not constantly fatigued or performing exercises incorrectly.

Should I do cardio before or after lifting weights?

It is up to you. Some people prefer to do their weight training after cardio to increase body temperature and promote better blood flow. Others prefer to do cardio after lifting to prevent workout fatigue and increase weight training performance.

What is clean eating?

Clean eating is about eating natural foods with an increased intake of fruits and vegetables. Preservatives and additives are avoided with the main focus on eating healthy fats, whole grains, and natural protein sources like poultry and fish.

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