Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you have to hibernate! Whether you have children or a senior family member, here are some fitness tips to help keep your loved ones active this season.

Winter is officially here and with the colder weather and shorter days, it can be really hard to stay motivated about your health and fitness. However, whether you are working out alone or with a personal trainer, exercising in the winter has many benefits, including:

  • Prevents weight gain during the holiday season
  • Strengthens your immune system to beat any bacterial or viral infections
  • Eases depression and helps you beat the winter blues
  • Keeps your body naturally warm

Stay Motivated This Winter With Our Customized Personal Training Services

If you’re finding it hard to keep up with your workouts this winter, or are simply looking for some fun ways to boost your family’s fitness levels, our personal trainers are always on hand to help!

From custom nutrition plans to online personal training courses, we have everything you need to stay healthy, fit and happy all year round!


4 Fun Family Winter Activities That Help You Stay Fit This Winter

Even though its colder outside, you don’t have to stop the fun, outdoor activities! Help your family stay fit and fun with these winter activities:

1. Sledding/Coasting/Tubing

Regardless of what you call it, sliding downhill in the snow is fun for all ages! You can use inexpensive plastic snow disks, toboggans or inner tubes and do it in your neighborhood or go to a local park.

Some of the fitness benefits of this outdoor activity include:

  • Getting a full body workout
  • It’s simple to use
  • Climbing uphill is a great aerobic workout
  • Burning about 240 calories in just 30 minutes

BUT REMEMBER: Make sure you bundle up, dress in layers and wear heavy boots!

2. Skiing

While a ski vacation can be fun, if that isn’t your style (or within your budget), you may want to consider looking into cross-country skiing in your area. Because you are using both your upper and lower body, this is one of the most effective winter workouts and a terrific calorie burner!

3. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is another winter activity that offers a total-body workout, plus it’s great fun for family fitness! It will also:

  • Strengthen your leg muscles
  • Get your heart pumping
  • Burn approximately 270 calories in 30 minutes

4. A Cold-Weather Hike

Not snowing? No problem! A cold hike may just be the thing that you and your family needs! Walking is a year-round exercise and fitness activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Tips for hiking in the winter:

  • ALWAYS bring safety gear such as a first aid kit, a pocket knife, a headlamp and hand warming packets
  • Check the weather before you leave (e.g. avalanche reports, precipitation and wind speed)
  • Take an experienced hiker with you
  • Invest in good gear such as waterproof pants, an insulated jacket and hiking poles


Senior Winter Fitness Tips

If you are worried about the risks that come with outdoor activities in the winter, personal training sessions are a great fitness alternative for senior members of your family.

Some of the benefits of investing in this service include:

  • A fitness expert will modify workouts to accommodate any pre-existing injuries and/or medical conditions a client may have
  • A personal trainer helps seniors reach their target heart rate in a safe and sustainable manner
  • Improves fitness and prevents loss of muscle mass
  • Makes carrying out daily tasks such as groceries and climbing stairs easier
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness and overall well-being


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