The fall season is the perfect time to get into your workout groove. Use these fall fitness tips from our Calgary personal trainer to achieve all your weight loss goals.

There is no need to enter into ‘hibernation mode’ when the weather turns cooler. In fact, whether you choose to work out with a personal trainer or alone, fall is the perfect time to begin your weight loss/fitness program because:

  • it ensures you wouldn’t be easily sidelined by all of the winter festivities.
  • it helps you get into shape safely before spring/summer.
  • the ideal weather helps you stay comfortable during your workout.
  • the availability of fresh produce helps with your weight management goals.

Safe & Quick Weight Loss With DreamBody

Come rain or shine, the Calgary personal trainers at DreamBody can help you achieve all your weight loss goals. Using customized fitness and weight management programs, we help you get dramatic, yet sustainable results for a great body all year round.

5 Tips For Fall Fitness & Weight Management

Exercising all year round is a good way to manage your weight and improve your health. While it’s very possible to continue working out during the fall, it’s important to remember that your fitness programs during this season might differ from those in the warmer months.

Here are 5 fall fitness tips to follow this season:


The fall months can often bring drastic changes in weather, resulting in snow, sleet or rain. These conditions can make it difficult or impossible to exercise outdoors. That’s why it’s important to have an alternate form of exercise. For example, join your local gym or purchase a treadmill for indoor runs in inclement weather.


Exercising when it’s snowing or icy outside can increase your risk of falls, strains and sprains. If you fall, you could injure your head, break a bone or sustain a back injury. 

REMEMBER: Always move your workout indoors until the snow or ice melts.



Staying hydrated is a great weight management trick and it is essential for preventing loss of body heat and a healthy metabolism. Remember to carry a water bottle with you and drink it before, during and after your workout.

FALL FITNESS TIP: Adding sliced cucumbers, lemons and limes to your water have added benefits including fast weight loss and reduced heartburn and headaches. 


Many people crave higher calorie foods as the weather gets colder but this will make achieving your weight loss goal much harder. Remember to eat a well-balanced diet to give you the nutrients you need to fuel that fall exercise session.

Health Fall Diet Tips

  • Supplement your diet with Vitamin D
  • Plan your meals ahead of time to avoid making unhealthy choices
  • Take advantage of the fresh produce that comes with the fall season
  • Avoid holiday candy
  • Drink green and black tea for weight management and to ward off sickness


As any personal trainer will tell you, overdoing exercise is counterproductive and can actually damage your muscle tissue and cause injuries. Make sure to give yourself adequate recovery time between workouts and be sure to alternate muscle groups or body parts in your exercise session.

Need Some Fall Motivation? Our Calgary Personal Trainers Can Help!

From helping you reach your weight loss goals to avoiding injury, hiring a personal trainer is one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and well-being.

This fall, working with a DreamBody personal trainer can help:

  • Keep you motivated
  • Ensure you stay committed to your workout routine and goals
  • Remove all the guesswork from working out so you can put all your energy towards accomplishing your goals
  • Avoid injury
  • Make your workout fun and enjoyable

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