With all of the weight loss programs out there, it can be overwhelming deciding which one to choose. Hundreds of fad diets, fake weight loss programs, and outright scams promise quick and easy ways to lose weight. A large number of these programs are promoted by paid, uneducated influencers, or are seen on television being used by celebrities. But are these programs safe? Will it work for you? 

To reach and stay at a healthy weight over the long term, you must focus on your overall health and lifestyle habits, not just on what you eat. A successful weight loss program will promote healthy behaviours to help you lose weight safely and for good.

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5 Things To Look For In A Weight Loss Program

The weight loss industry is full of myths; it can be hard knowing which program is backed up by research and which is just a money grab. Consulting your doctor or a weight loss professional will help ensure that you start your weight loss journey off in the right direction. 

Here are some key things to look for when choosing your weight loss program:

  1. Slow and steady weight loss goals: Your weight loss program should not require you to starve yourself or work out for extremely long hours in order to lose unrealistic amounts of weight.
  2. Behavioural treatment: Also known as lifestyle coaching, behavioural treatment teaches you how to develop and stick with healthier eating and physical activity habits. This can include recording daily activities and food consumed in a journal.
  3. Information regarding stress management: Your program should inform you how to keep your mental health in check, manage sleep, and educate you about weight loss medicines while you are going through your weight loss journey.
  4. Feedback: Your program must continually provide you with feedback. How else would you know if you are taking the correct steps towards reaching your goals? Your program should allow you to have constant support and monitoring from a certified trainer to help you stay on track and not lose sight of your weight loss goals.
  5. A plan to keep the weight off: Once you complete the program, you want to feel confident that you can keep the weight off. The most successful weight loss programs are designed to change your lifestyle in a way that allows you to remain at the ideal weight and live a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

From customized workout plans to regular check-ins and around-the-clock support, our personal trainers can help you shed pounds, build muscle, hold you accountable, and improve your fitness in a healthy way. To learn more, contact us by calling (403) 612-3538 or by filling out our online contact form.

4 Tips To Help You Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals

Set A Personal Goal

Most often, our fitness and weight loss goals stem from seeing other individuals who are in shape and basing our goals on the way they look. This is especially true nowadays with social media promoting Instagram models and influencers who seem to have the perfect body and lifestyle. However, most of what you see on social media is fake, so it would be unrealistic to base your weight loss goals on these unnatural expectations. If your goal is not meaningful to you, you are less likely to follow through with your plan. Simply close your eyes and imagine what health-related wish you would want to come true. This could be running around with your kids without getting out of breath, crossing the finish line of a race, hiking a mountain with a friend, or feeling confident in a bathing suit. Your goal should not be “I want the same body as so in so.” Be true to yourself and tap into your emotions that come from a positive rather than a negative place.

Develop An Actionable Plan

Begin by writing down your goals in a journal. Studies show that those who write down their goals are most likely to accomplish them than those who simply just leave it as a thought. After you write down your goals, list at least 5 things that will set you up for success each week. For example, you can do your grocery shopping on Sunday, your workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and making sure you go to sleep at a decent time each night. These are all specific actions that you can commit to taking that will help you make steady progress towards your weight loss goals.

Identify Future Roadblocks

It can be easy writing down and outlining your weight loss plan. However, life can get in the way and can quickly disrupt your perfectly planned out routine. If any action steps you have written down cause any bells to go off in your head, now is the time to address them. What obstacles can get in the way of you completing a workout on a Monday? What could derail you from meal-prepping on Sunday? By thinking about these obstacles ahead of time, you are taking steps to avoid dealing with them last minute. If you have to find a solution on the fly, you will be way less likely to come up with an alternative plan that will keep you on track for reaching your weight loss goals.

Celebrate The Small Wins

By breaking up your main goal into smaller chunks, you will be able to celebrate more often. After reaching each mini-milestone, make sure you acknowledge your hard work and pat yourself on the back. Reward yourself in a healthy way to ensure you stay motivated. This can be done by rewarding yourself with that new crop top you have been wanting for so long, taking a relaxing bubble bath, or going out with friends. Using weekly rewards as your personal celebration will renew your commitment and help create another boost of motivation.

Achieve Your Goals With The Right Weight-Loss Program

Do not forget to celebrate and reward yourself once you have reached your end goal. You have worked hard and tirelessly to get to where you are now, and it should not go unrecognized. Celebrate by going on a beach vacation, take a small break from working out, or have a celebratory dinner at your favourite restaurant. 
While there is no perfect weight loss plan that works for everyone, find one that fits your lifestyle and that encourages you to stay motivated even if you start to slip away or lose sight of your end goal.

At Dreambody Fitness, our trainers will motivate you, push you, and elevate your routine so you can achieve your weight loss goals. To work with our certified, experienced fitness trainers, contact us by calling (403) 612-3538 or by filling out our online contact form to book a free consultation.


What is a healthy weight loss goal?
With proper nutrition and consistent workouts each week, a goal to lose 0.5-1.5 lbs per week is attainable without putting stress on your body. Your fitness trainer will discuss your weight loss goals with you prior to starting the program to make an attainable, healthy weight loss plan.

Can I afford a trainer?
It will depend on the trainer and what kind of training program you require. Call us today at (403)-612-3538 to set up a free consultation with one of our personal trainers.

Will a trainer help me with weight loss?
Yes, a personal trainer will be an exceptional asset when it comes to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. They have the training, certifications, and experience to provide workout plans that will give you the results you are looking for. They will be there to keep you motivated, hold you accountable, and give you great tips along the way. 

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