Are you looking for quick weight loss or fitness results? Then the 20/20 Transformation Challenge developed by the DreamBody lab is for you! Here’s what you’ll get from the program and how our Calgary personal trainers can help you achieve all your goals rapidly.

Do you have difficulty sticking to your weight loss program, eating plan, and fitness routine? You’re not alone! Thanks to our busy schedules, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to commit to working out regularly.

Transformation challenges are a great way to keep you moving forward when you can’t find the motivation to push yourself because it:

  • Gives purpose to working out
  • Provides accountability and support
  • Makes your fitness and weight loss goals more manageable
  • Takes the guesswork out of exercise and weight loss
  • Gives you great results

Achieve All Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals With Our 2020 Transformation Challenge

We’ve been working hard in the DreamBody lab to develop an effective way for our clients to begin the year with a transformed body and mindset. The challenge starts on February 17th, involves working with one of our Calgary online personal trainers, and continues for 12 weeks.

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4 Reasons to Join a Weight Loss Challenge This Year

Are you looking to improve your fitness levels or achieve all your weight loss goals this year? If so, there are many benefits of taking part in a transformation challenge. This type of program involves several aspects, including:

  • Well thought out and planned workouts
  • A customized nutrition plan
  • A high level of accountability
  • Coaching and support from online personal trainers
  • A chat room or online platform where participants can talk to each other, voice any concerns they may have, or share knowledge with each other.

If you are considering taking part in a transformation challenge this year, here are some of the key benefits you could enjoy:

1. You’ll Be Taking Action

While having a weight loss or fitness goal is a great first step, you won’t see any results without action! Transformation challenges usually get participants involved quickly by offering a prize for the winner. With the Dreambody challenge, the prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: $500 cash prize
  • Second Prize: Free online personal training
  • Third Prize: Free DreamBody t-shirt

While the knowledge and results gained through nutrition and exercise should be enough, a prize will often encourage people to work a little harder.

2. You Won’t Have To Do it Alone

Undertaking a new fitness routine or meal plan can seem intimidating if you’re going at it alone, but when it’s done during a challenge, you know you have a group of people around you going through the same thing. You can reach out to them for help, ask questions, workout together, and even share recipes, which makes the journey easier and more enjoyable.

3. You’ll See Progress Quickly

One of the best things about transformation challenges is that you will see progress quickly and that will help motivate you to continue on until the end of the transformation. When you combine diet and exercise, and avoid bad habits, you’ll be amazed by the speed of initial changes in the body and how hood you’ll feel!

Seeing these early and rapid changes will help keep you motivated and on track to achieving all your fitness and weight loss goals.

4. You’ll Gain an Incredible Sense of Accomplishment

During a fitness challenge, you’ll find the inner strength that you may not know you had! It will encourage you to break out of your comfort zone, smash new goals, and set new records, which will all lead to you feeling good about yourself and what you are doing.

This type of challenge won’t only teach you many new things, but it will also bring you an incredible sense of accomplishment and a new view on life and fitness.

The DreamBody 2020 Transformation Challenge

At DreamBody, our team of highly qualified personal trainers have helped thousands of clients over the years achieve and maintain their best selves. Our transformation challenge comes with a lot of support and includes:

  • A full assessment
  • Before and after pictures
  • Body fat measurements
  • Cutting edge 12 week workout plan
  • Meditation/Visualization/MindGym
  • Access to the full online DreamBody video library
  • Email and phone support

To find out more about how we can help you begin your journey towards total mind and body transformation, visit our gym at 215 9th ave SW.

Alternatively, you can contact us at 403-612-3538 or fill in our online contact form.

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