Looking to kickstart your weight loss Calgary? Not sure how you should go about it though? During these uncertain times with COVID-19 restrictions in place, hitting the gym is unfortunately out of the question. But using an online personal trainer isn't! Here are three ways one can help kickstart your weight-loss journey and help you achieve your goals. 

Online personal trainers have begun popping up everywhere now that COVID-19 restrictions have closed gyms across the country. But it's important that you choose one who has experience executing these types of plans, otherwise you may fall victim to an opportunist. At DreamBody we've been delivering online personal training for years, and have the technology to back it up. Here are three ways our online personal training can help kickstart your weight-loss journey. 

Our Online Personal Trainers Help You Stay Healthy, Fit, and Calm During COVID-19

Gym goers, fitness enthusiasts, and those who wish to lose weight are being forced to find alternative ways to stay healthy and active during COVID-19. At DreamBody, we have you covered!

Our online personal training courses and weight-loss programs are an affordable and effective way to stay fit, calm, and healthy during this trying time.

Looking for an online personal trainer Calgary? Search no more. 


3 Ways Online Training Can Kickstart Your Weight-Loss Journey

We all know working out is good for losing weight. But not all online workout plans or programs are created equal. At DreamBody, we've spent years refining and perfecting the process so the fitness and weight-loss goals of our clients are continually met. Here are three ways our online personal trainer program can start your weight-loss journey off on the right foot. 

1. Accountability

When you choose DreamBody as your online personal trainer, you don't just get a coach. You get a partner. With over 20 years of fitness training experience, Paul Anthony has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness or weight-loss goals. By using him as your online personal trainer, you'll kickstart your weight-loss journey by holding yourself accountable. Too often it's easy to let things slide or skip a workout when you first try to lose weight, as many people become discouraged by the lack of results or daunting nature of their journey. Paul won't let that happen. With bi-weekly video conference meetings to assess your progress and help keep you motivated, along with weekly journaling, our online personal training program will keep you accountable right from the very beginning. 

Searching for an online personal trainer Calgary? Contact us today and let's get the ball rolling on your weight-loss journey. 


2. Customization

There are a lot of great fitness resources online nowadays. But none of them were created specifically for you. With our tailored and customized online training programs, we put together a fitness and nutrition plan that addresses the unique circumstances and challenges you face. Our cutting-edge routines and best-in-class nutrition programs are designed to work in lockstep with one another, allowing you to maximize your weight-loss results right off the bat. 

3. Community

With DreamBody you don't just get an online personal trainer Calgary, you get to join a community of like minded people who are pushing one another to become the best versions of themselves they possibly can. One way we do this is through our annual challenges, which usually last for eight weeks. By competing with other DreamBody clients you'll push yourself past the obstacles and hurdles that arise during a weight-loss journey, and share in the camaraderie that comes from facing a challenge together. There are also prizes! 


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