Are you having difficulty sticking to your fitness resolution goals? Here are some simple at easy tips on how to change your mindset so you can become more positive in setting goals and achieving them.

Fitness goals are one of the best forms of maintaining motivation for exercise. Short-term goals will give you an immediate target to focus on, while long term goals keep your overall objective in mind, encouraging you to reach higher and achieve more.

As all personal trainers will tell you, fitness goals are very important because they:

  • Keep you on the right track
  • Make working out more efficient
  • Help you progress faster
  • Make it easier to track your progress
  • Keep you motivated

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3 Simple Ways to Stick To Your Fitness Goals

Setting a fitness goal is a very effective way to motivate yourself into an exercise routine, whether you’re looking to gain strength or lose weight. But what if somewhere along the way, you start to feel unmotivated?

Even with the best of goals, losing motivation can happen.

If you are stuck in a rut, here are 6 simple tips to help you stick to your fitness resolutions:

  1. Choose Your Cue

A cue is a habit that you can develop which will trigger your brain into thinking that it’s time to exercise.

These cues can vary and may include:

  • Putting on your workout clothes as soon as you wake up or come home from work.
  • Scheduling your workouts on your calendar
  • Writing down your workout plan and sticking it up on the fridge or wall, so you can always see it.
  • Doing healthy behaviour before working out (eg. drinking a glass of water or doing some stretches)

In addition to this, try to be aware of other cues that may be triggering your urge to skip the workout. This could be sitting in front of the TV as soon as you come home from work, or hitting your snooze button.

Remember: Just as you have a habit of sitting on the couch, you can create a new habit of exercising instead.

  1. Get Over the Hurdles

We all face hurdles when it comes to health and fitness and if you let this hurdle grow so high, it’s going to be very difficult to reach your goals.

Some examples of hurdles include:

  • Lack of time
  • Work commitments
  • Family commitments
  • Emotional stressors

So what do I do?

If you are facing challenges, the key is to acknowledge these hurdles and not let them get any bigger. You should also work with your trainer to come up with a solution to get over them. This could include setting short-term goals and always holding yourself accountable.


Set a deadline: Putting a time frame in place will ensure that you have an end-date for achieving your goal and therefore, something to focus and follow through on, making it easier to overcome any challenges.

  1. Start Small

When you are just beginning to work out, it’s best to start small. Don’t begin with hardcore cardio training or working out for an hour. Instead, focus on workouts that you can do, no matter what, even when you’re tired, low on motivation, or stressed.

These can include:

  • A five-minute walk.
  • Quick and easy core workouts.
  • Body weight exercises at home
  • Balance and stability exercises

Don’t forget to reward yourself!

When you reach a milestone or achieve a short-term goal, it’s time to celebrate.

Of course, don’t indulge in something that is going to undo all your hard work, but you can consider:

  • A weekend getaway.
  • A glass of wine with dinner
  • A massage or spa day
  • New fitness clothes

Rewarding yourself will give you something to work towards and provide motivation even during your hardest days.

Other Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Goals

  • Try doing your workouts at the same time every day.
  • Create a ritual around your workout (eg: put your workout clothes on as soon s you get up, or put your gym back on the floor next to you at work so you’ll always be reminded of your goals).
  • Log your workouts on a calendar so you can see your progress and stay accountable.
  • Do something you like. When you’re beginning, you should choose activities that aren’t too painful or uncomfortable.
  • Focus on creating good habits first, before you think about the results.

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