Worried about staying committed to your weight loss program as the days get colder and shorter? Here are some easy and simple fitness tips to keep you motivated this winter season.

When the weather begins to turn colder and wetter outside, it can become much more tempting to neglect our weight loss program and stay indoors on the warm couch.

However, working out consistently throughout the year can have many benefits, including:

  • Lower stress levels and improved mental well-being
  • Less risk of injury
  • Faster, more dramatic weight loss results
  • Avoiding the risk of hitting a plateau in your weight loss program

Stay Motivated & Consistent With The Personal Trainers at DreamBody

Whether it’s hot or cold outside, the personal trainers at DreamBody can keep you on track to achieve all your fitness goals. Using tailored weight loss programs, we get you the sustainable, yet dramatic, results you need for a great body all year round!


3 Fitness Motivation Tips For The Colder & Shorter Days

The road to reaching your fitness and weight loss goals can be a tough one and some days, especially during the winter, it’s difficult to stay motivated. However, there are some simple and easy ways in which you can ensure you don’t fall off track this cold season:

1. Choose High-Intensity Workouts

High intensity workouts (short, quick and very effective) are a great way to get in some exercise when your motivation level is not up to speed.

Whether you’re working with a personal trainer or alone, you can easily create your own program with short intervals of high effort (20-30 seconds) followed by periods of easy recovery (60-90 seconds).

Some of the benefits of high intensity workouts include:

  • Builds a healthier heart
  • Aids in weight loss but preserves your muscle mass
  • Increases your metabolic rate
  • Convenience (You can do it anywhere and without any equipment)
  • Burns more fat and calories, even 24 hours after a HIIT workout

2. Find a Partner

If you usually workout alone, you may want to consider spicing things up by working out with others. You can either share a goal, exercise with a friend/family member, or consider taking a fitness class with a small group

You may find that this will:

  • Allow you to socialize with people that have similar lifestyle needs and goals
  • Challenge you to workout beyond your perceived limitations
  • Keep you accountable to attend your workout sessions
  • Lower your risk of injury because it encourages proper form

By providing you with motivation and a structured fitness program, working out with a partner or a small group will give you the jump-start you need to reach all your weight loss goals this winter.

3. Revisit Your Goals

Revisiting your fitness or weight loss goals to remind yourself why you are working out in the first place is a great way to find your motivation. A personal trainer can help you create these targets and make sure that they are:

  • Specific: e.g. how much weight do you want to lose and by when?
  • Measurable: so you can determine whether or not you are on track
  • Attainable: when a goal is challenging but achievable, you will be motivated to work towards it
  • Relevant: your short term goal should be something that is important to you and that will help you achieve your long term goals
  • Timely: set a time-frame in which you want to achieve your goal to avoid procrastination


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